Photography can be inspirational to some, and to others, it can be life. To me, photography allows me to express myself like others express themselves with music. It’s a form of art, a way to capture a moment that would otherwise be lost in time.

And the beauty of photography is that I get to share my art with millions of other people (or rather, whoever will look at my photography).

That has become my life, my love, and quite frankly, my obsession. They ask: “What would you do if you could do if money wasn’t a concern, if you could anything?”

And to that, I answer, I would still take pictures, each and every day.

From capturing the birth of a newborn calf, to the first kiss of newly wed couple, I strive in capturing moments that would otherwise be a flash in our existence. I’m not one for capturing still buildings… I can come back to that one day.

Instead, I aim to capture “time”.

Representing time by capturing movement through stills

However, time is only but one part of this art form, the other is related to memories and emotions.  There is not other job on the planet that can give you that rush of every emotion known to man. Being able to relive moments in time that you experienced before is a feeling second to non.

It is the very reason I do photography, because the hardest part is not clicking that shutter button or deciding what setting to use, but rather trying to get others to experience those same sets of emotions that you once experience… that is true photography.

A few teasers just for you

Although not my best work in terms of quality, I have added these photos because of the story they tell. It is not always about the amazing quality or composition of the photo, but rather the experience.
Not many people have the opportunity to go to Africa and experience these animals that reside no where else in the world but the African continent and that is precisely why I am including them… because it makes me feel good!

For more of my work please visit my photo gallery
Resting after a meal
The real kings of the jungle
Africa’s most dangerous animal