I recently mentioned that I was looking for gallery software. Well, it looks like our recent upgrade may just be the solution. In a way, this post is a test of WordPress 2.5‘s muti-file upload and built-in galleries. Considering the number of images, it’s also going to test our servers, not to mention your connection.

If everything goes well, you’re going to see 600 images from a recent concert shoot below. Less than half of them are mine though – Claire, another member of the LightChasers team, shot most of the close-ups. I snuck in a few photos with my 85mm, but I pretty much stuck with my wide lens for most of the concert.

Anyway, if you think the number seems pretty large, don’t worry – we think so too. We were quite reluctant to trim down too much, and besides, we were feeling pretty generous. What we’re worried about now is the amount of bandwidth all these images will consume. If you think things will be fine, follow the jump.

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