Once photography was for the elite, cameras were expensive and only the select few could afford them. But times have changed, not only can the majority of the population afford cameras, it has meant the creation of stunning photography has sky rocketed.

So what does this all mean?

Well, as photos get more beautiful, colorful and stunning, the chase for creating the next “ultimate” picture gets harder to achieve. Therefore, newer more extreme methods are looked at to get recognition for that next “big” still shot. It is not always about color, it is not always about quality, but simply changing the composition to something no one has seen is enough to get that “wow” factor.

Camera equipment mounted on Drones make them the best on the market

In comes drones. Initially created for giving people hours of piloting fun, these UAVs are now being used for more than just entertainment value. The can literally fly to areas of the sky that cameras once couldn’t reach and transmit some amazing images that at one time could only be seen by the select few who could afford sending an airplane up with a photographer in it.

Access to drones have become so easy that literally everyone can get one, but more importantly the drone portability craze is integral to its popularity which has resulted in governments becoming more stringent with the laws due to the dangers they can cause.

That does not mean that needs to stop you from having fun as long as you abide by the rules, laws and are responsible. What makes these flying machines even more impressive is that some of the best drones on the market fly longer, fly faster, have longer ranges and can stay in the sky for much longer…. and ultimately this mean more time to take photographs.

They are also becoming much easier to fly using intuitive controls and come equipment with a bunch of safety features such as sensors using radar technology that detect objects and prevent the drone from crashing into things. Other features included auto piloting that enable the quadcopter to land by itself when instructed, all combined with the improvement of camera technology (smaller and lighter), that means that these drones can be fitted with cameras and controlled on the ground using the controllers.

Industries have jumped on the opportunity of using this technology to take the most amazing photo shoots to keep one step ahead of their competition.

Let’s look at 5 industries that are using drones along side their camera counterparts to their advantage:

Aerial Drone Photography For Real Estate

Used for aerial photography of properties. This gives the potential buyer a never before seen view of what their properties looks like from above.

This tactic has generally been used for high-end properties in order to convince the rich to become potential buyers… gives the customer a never before seen composition of the property to increase chances of the sale.

Use of quadcopters for aerial shots in real estate

What to consider: The objective here is to get the right shot. Being up high can be windy, so having an Image Stabilizer lens will help to reduce camera shake. As well as this, being higher up can expose you to sun glare and having an lens filter can drastically reduce lens glare to give more color and vibrance to your photo or footage.

Quadcopter Surveying For Efficiency In Construction & Engineering

Drones can survey roads, bridges for increased accuracy that reduce man-hours. This can also help with planing ahead and reduce time renting or using equipment needed for the job.

Time management from the skies with photography

What to consider: In the engineering sector it is more likely that HD cameras will be used rather than basic drone cameras. In order to map out the territory with accuracy, quality is of importance (no pixels), combine this with a telescopic lens (non digital) will provide for close ups and therefore more accurate acquired information.

Flying Above Illnesses For Agriculture

With an estimate savings of about $1 billion a year thanks to drones, farmers can use
these flying machines to spot diseases from above (through photography / video) and customize the application of fertilizer, water and pesticides.

Essentially this can save in huge amounts of money as you can determine exact quantities required.

Quadrotor helicopter provides more flight stability for steadier photos / video.

Altitude For Preventative Measures In Search & Rescue:

In Australia drones are sent out in the air when there is suspicion of sharks in the area.

The speed at which the quadcopter can deployed combined with a top speed of around 40 mph means it can reach its destination far quicker than any boat and relay images to ground control of what the ocean looks like from above.

Using HD cameras for live feed shark photography

In this situation every minutes counts for the safety of people. It has also been said that the average person on the beaches of Australia feel far safer with this new emerging technology. As time is of the essence, the type of quadcopters used here are far more sophisticated and require better battery life. The webpage https://www.reddit.com/r/dronesRC/ demonstrates some of the amazing advancements in drone technology and what these machine are capable of achieving.

UAVs For Saving Lives During Hurricane Hunting:

Although not the traditional drone you can buy in the shops, these are UAVs in the real sense of the word. These drones can stay up in the air for more than 30 hours and fly a distance on 11,000 miles. Their enormous wing span makes them super stable and can be flown into the heart of a hurricane (something an ordinary plane can’t do) where they can surveillance areas where hurricane have hit.

This drone technology means rescuers can reach areas that normally would not be
possible. This means rescuers can evaluate the area through imagery taken by the
camera and be prepared to go in fully equipped once the storm has cleared to rescue
anyone that may need help.

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