Privacy Policy

Light Chasers Photography takes Internet user privacy and data protection to be of paramount importance and complies with the Data Protection Act of 1998, because your privacy is very important to us.

By using this site you automatically comply to the terms and conditions of the site’s privacy policy.

Any personal information is not collected, used or disclosed in any way (other than with your content). The only data that we collect is as follows:

Data that we do collect:

Monitoring Website’s Activity

We use Google Analytics which is an analytics service provided by Google Inc that uses cookies to provide data to us on how users (such as you) interact with our website.

The cookies essentially stores information about your activity on Google serversĀ and is stored there. Then on our behalf, Google uses this information to evaluate how the user does stuff.

Below are some examples of the data that is presented to us:

  • Visitor count
  • Page views
  • Time on site
  • New users vs returning users
  • Bounce rate
  • Country website viewed from
  • Device used (PC or Mobile)
  • Page load speed

What Are Cookies & Do We Use Them?

Cokes are small light weight files that your web browser transfers to your computer. By default. most browser such as Chrome, Safari and Firefox save cookies onto your computer. These cookies are basically snippets of the website’s structure so that the next time you visit our site it will load up faster which in turn give you a better user experience.

We ‘do’ use cookies. However, if this is something you are uncomfortable with, you are able to disable them on your browser.

Disabling Cookies For Various Web Browsers

Get In Touch

Still unsure about some things?

If you have any further questions about your personal data, then please do not hesitate to get in touch on
Still not sure about a few things?

Got some questions to ask about your personal data that needs clarification? Then please feel free to contact me directly and I will be sure to get back to you ASAP.