Aielowu Jeannie Obtain The Long Term Of Womens Denim Jeans


Live-Lived Integrated(located in Ca, USA) is planning for a large disruption ever sold of womens denim jeans, through innovation! They’re planning to release a unique type of denim jeans called Aielowu Jeannie (significance I really like you Jeannie), on the favorite crowdfunding system Kickstarter during past due May . They created these denim jeans with the purpose of producing women feel safe on denim, utilize the restroom easily in addition to focus on their hygienic requirements like altering atamponor amenstrual cupin restricted privacy.


These trademarked jeans includes a front side opening flap utilizing a couple of zippers that is going completely to the trunk preventing stress necessary for pulling straight down the jeans to utilize the restroom. These denim jeans are so unique so that it offers inbuilt underwear. In addition to the primary flap, there’s what we should contact a butterfly flap* that’s attached within the primary flap to protect the crotch region. This butterfly flap* includes a unique antimicrobial coating that facilitates the usage of most commercially obtainable adhesivepantyliners making the necessity for any unique underwear unnecessary.


The theory all arrived to a reality throughout a transatlantic flight whenever a fellow female traveller complained the inventor concerning the filthy bathroom floor and wished she could pee like men. The ground was so untidy that tugging down the trousers means obtaining them dirty as well. The toilet-seat, needless to say, can be washed with wc paper and protected with throw-away toilet-seat papers or wc paper itself; so that it wasnt an issue but think about tugging your trouser to utilize the toilet?

In accordance with a trip attendant: water on to the floor isn’t just ordinary drinking water. During long plane tickets, the lavatory isn’t thoroughly disinfected that is the primary reason because of this. Thats gross! Generally, the real issue is definitely: How clear is the bathing room floor? Your clothing possess the inclination of gathering dangerous germs and germs from the ground! You cannot clear the entire ground! And that has been how the notion of creating a woman-friendly soar starting on trousers had become.


Aielowu Jeannie is made for the feminine anatomy, it includes great convenience and comfort while camping, walking, and trekking.Furthermore, it offers even more comfort with all the toilet in comparison to how many other legged garment offers. Generally, using the flap open, ladies can flex their hip and legs so quickly that their dexterity wouldnt become affected.

The product includes a space-age inspired design feature that means it is ideal for women manning space stations or during future space travels. In addition, the all-inclusive style helps ladies with particular disabilities, in addition to the regular folks. In addition, it helps for your gynaecology examinations aside from minimally intrusive surgical treatment within the pelvic/vaginal area without eliminating the clothing totally.

These space-age jeans are just around the corner for crowdfunding onKickstarterfor the merchandise release. The crowdfunding requires four variations of Aielowu Jeannie which certainly are a developer edition, a cargo edition, an overall edition, along with a distressed edition. The team have previously taken plenty of time and hard work in iterating the look through various phases. Given the opportunity, the Kickstarter backers will undoubtedly be receiving a completely tested and practical final product.

* We recommend the usage of apantyliner, for hygienic factors. Additionally, during intervals (menstruation or menstrual period) an individual is preferred to wear the tampon or perhaps a menstrual mug, and a pantyliner.