How to choose a necklace or a pendant


Has it ever crossed your mind why some necklaces do not go well with certain attires, while they look exquisite with others? Yes, there are a few guidelines to follow while deciding on the right type of necklace that complements the neckline of your apparel to bring out the best of your neckpiece. Indian or european, we’ve got the ultimate necklace guide for you. It will help you to comprehend which Bonnie and Clye necklace set will suit your outfit’s neckline.

1. Round Neck
People fail in styling the typical round neck more regularly than you would expect. Depending after the depth of the neckline, there exists scope for a number of options that easily fit into well. Staff necks look good with long split necklaces or long chains with pendant. Just a little deeper round neck starts the gates for shorter chains with pendants or bib necklaces alike. For a heavier look, one can also pair this with a choker advertising matching split long necklace.

2. V Neck
The sole principle to follow while accessorizing a necklace with a V neckline is to ensure that the chosen piece flatters your outfit. Choose a smaller neckpiece for a thin plunge and greater ones for wider necklines. You can either choose a V molded brief necklace, or multiple round necklaces. Even lariat necklaces match this neckline. You can choose a plain simple necklace, which come with a simple and thin pendant.

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3. Turtleneck
Chokers match turtlenecks perfectly. One can also make a statement with multi-chain necklaces of assorted lengths and different pendants. You could blend and match to balance the look.

4. Sweetheart
A sweetheart neck is one of the most female and pretty necklines, which can be beautifully merged with a thinner bib style neckpiece. You can also wear pendant necklaces with drops.5. Boat Neck
If you opt to wear the classic Boat throat, accompany it with an average high horizontal neckline or long, multiple necklace. You can even sync it with beady necklace that would hang lower than the neckline.To include in a lttle bit of twist for your formal occasion, you can also play with choker necklace and with long pendant neckpieces.